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Today, homeownership is the dream for many residents of Salt Lake City, Draper, and South Jordan .  Homeownership comes with many benefits, including privacy, tax incentives, and pride that comes from owning a house.  Veritas Funding is here to help make homeownership dreams a reality. Our experts have helped 5,000 families achieve homeownership and have several years of experience in offering home loans and mortgages in the Salt Lake City, Draper, and South Jordan areas.  Our experts are prepared to guide you through the whole process of acquiring home loans and mortgages.

STEP 1: Determine How Much You Qualify to Borrow

The first step in getting home loans and mortgages is to determine how much are eligible for.  Although there are several financial calculators out there, including the one on our site, that will help you get a good estimate, it is important to talk with one of our experts to receive an accurate statement.  When you come to visit with one of our experienced loan officers, they will look at things like your income, your credit history, your employment history, and your residence history.  Also, they will help you look at not only the down payment on the house you are looking at but also the continuing payments involved with homeownership. This will help them determine the amount that you are eligible for. Our experts are extremely qualified to nail down the appropriate amount for housing loans and mortgages.

STEP 2: Apply for home loans and mortgages

Once you have determined what you qualify for, the next step is to apply for a loan to pay for your Draper, South Jordan or Salt Lake City home. By completing the application process, you are giving us the necessary information to start processing the mortgage. Our experts can help you in the home loans and mortgages application process.  Information required on the application includes name, address, phone number, SSN, monthly income, and asset details.  In general, the more information you provide, the faster and easier it is to apply for home loans and mortgages.

STEP 3: Start the loan processing

Once your application is submitted, it will be sent to our originators who will evaluate your request and begin underwriting the appropriate documents.  All of our underwriting is done here at Veritas, making it relatively easy for our clients to check on the status of their mortgages.  Our experts will work to get you approved and closed as soon as possible.

STEP 4: Closing

Once the loan or mortgage is closed, you are ready to apply to buy your South Jordan, Draper or Salt Lake City home!

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